Welcome to GNL Offshore Ltd.

GNL Offshore Ltd. is a private investment company predominantly engaged in the natural resource, energy and technology space. 

We focus on investing in and developing early stage projects, from greenfield all the way to production. 

GNL Offshore’s success is founded on:

    adding significant value to our partners, investment projects & transactions 
    providing high quality, reliable and prompt execution without surprises
    building deep & long-term successful partnerships

We combine best practice, responsible and sustainable development methods, innovative and tailor-made approach to each investment, whilst maximising benefits for all stakeholders. 


Our integrity, along with prompt and clear communication, will quickly allow you to appreciate the benefits of doing business with us today and for the long-term.  

For further detail, see Investment Activities or contact us by email.

We look forward to becoming your preferred, long-term partners.Investment_Activities.htmlmailto:info@gnloffshore.com?subject=Contactshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1