Power Generation

Geopolitical and Financial developments over the last decade have set the foundations for a significant growth in resource rich and export oriented countries.

There are enormous requirements for energy infrastructure and distribution networks, so as to enable rapidly growing economies to enjoy the benefits of development over the medium and longer term. 

Significant investment in Power Generation and Distribution will therefore be essential, as integral and primary factor inputs to sustainable growth.

GNL, along with its network of technology partners, is able to design and deliver customised solutions to Power Generation requirements under turnkey EPC contracts, as well as Operate & Manage to the extent required.   

One of the most promising solutions involves Floating Power Generation. The first such project (see pictures) was delivered in just over 6 months from order.  This involved building the two largest barge based Gas&Diesel fuelled Aero Derivative based Open Cycle plants, with a combined capacity of 342MW (ISO rated).  The Steam Turbine module which will close the cycle shall bring the total plant capacity to 600MW (ISO rated).

We are studying the construction and deployment of similar units across Latin America, South East Asia and Africa, where the many advantages of this incredibly versatile solution are mostly needed in near shore and upriver locations.

A few of the advantages are:

o    Constructed in shipyards under controlled conditions, turn-key delivery

o         Relatively fast Construction, dependent upon equipment availability

o         Can utilise any electrical generating technologies

o         Transportable power; large capacity can be moved to areas of need quickly

o         Floating units avoid most permitting and local authority obstacles

o         Can plug into natural gas pipeline for feed gas

o         Fuels can be supplied by ocean transport and stored in adjacent barges

o         Very Competitive USD$/MW versus on shore (sunk cost) power plants

o         Modular construction allows phased production and installation schedule

o         Modular design allows for scaling up/down, or even relocating if necessary

o         Very short order-to-commissioning time mitigates regulatory & economic risks

o         Ideal tool to promptly address unplanned generation capacity requirements

o         Incredibly low draft allows access to very shallow shores and river systems

o         Complete Power Plant with Transformers to connect directly to the Grid

For more information on Power Projects please email info@gnloffshore.com