Oil & Gas Assets

At GNL Offshore Ltd apply long-term approach in looking to accumulate and develop a diversified hydrocarbon reserve base. The geographies of immediate interest to us are South America, West & East Africa, and South East Asia.   

Our focus is on Appraised and Pre-Production ‘marginal’ or ‘stranded’ Gas fields.

We are interested in acquiring, developing and operating Oil & Gas assets especially where they have a power production solution to a nearby market.

Typically we look for Oil & Gas Fields:

        - Onshore

         - Offshore

         - Gas to LNG production & export

         - Gas to Power Generation

     Please send your Investment Proposal to investment@gnloffshore.com

Trading & Hedging

We are mainly interested in supply contracts directly from producers of:

       Crude Oil

        Natural Gas / LNG

We are able to lift product on FOB and deliver CIF basis.

     For Product requests please email trading@gnloffshore.com

Oil & Gas Companies

We look for outstanding opportunities in either private or publicly listed companies.

Our approach is to acquire a significant stake and provide support to stakeholders and management towards developing, turning around and growing their underlying business.

Being privately owned and funded, we can afford long-term investment horizons, without the pressure of marking to market or time-constrained exits.    

Our unrestricted mandate allows us to invest across the capital structure.

      Please send your Investment Proposal to investment@gnloffshore.com